Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thievery or Homage?

La Klein, Miami New Times, 5/1/08: "Upon entering Maya Grill, our eyes were instantly drawn to a cooler with "Michoacán" written on the side in blue lettering. Inside were a dozen flavors of frozen fruit popsicles that are renowned in the namesake region but have also proven to be a reliable refreshment for my constant companion and me through various trips across the Yucatán."


April 18th

"It was a nice, big, plate, which carried my constant companion and I through our first bottle of wine-a very nice Syrah-heavy Côtes du Rhône"

April 10th

"But back to Rascal House. My constant companion, as it was Thanksgiving, demanded, and got, the full works-turkey with all the trimmings, as they say"

Feb 10th

Judith Williams (right), discussing spices with my constant companion over $8/lb Stone Crab Claws"

Jan 25th

"When I go out for Burritos, I always bring one home for my constant companion."

Jan 15th

"As I begin my 21-Day raw-foods cleanse with my constant companion..."

And that's just this year. I'm not saying I invented the term, but I can tell you, my constant companion is not amused at this, ahem, homage.

By the way, LK's review had this insight: "...residents here have long been relishing Maya's tacos, which were formerly sold from a Taco Loco trailer in various vacant lots around the neighborhood. I was never aware of that tacqueria on wheels [no shit] and wouldn't have known about Maya Grill, either, had Redland reader J.L. not e-mailed me with a headsup."
Or, perhaps, Lee-seph's been doing some late-night blog-surfing 'research' again? Although at least it's great to see Lee NOT drool over another Italian joint again this week. Nice to see they reprinted his Orale! theft, too. The man has no shame.


Danny Brody said...

Halfway decent? I'll take it! Along with the kudos! Thanks, anonymous douche!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hmm, DB, removing my posts? Since you've only got two people responding to your screed I'd think you'd welcome ANY response. Can't take what you dish out I guess. Boo hoody hoo.

Danny Brody said...

Not everyone has the guts to put their name on what they write. Anonymous comments that serve no purpose will be deleted. BFD. And PressChops has over 1000 unique readers. That's the first comment I've had to delete in four months. I've never deleted anything that had someone's name attached to it, either here or at DailyCocaine. Go ahead, grow a pair, and sign your name my friend.